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Digital Photography Business&Lighting Techniques21 May 2009 03:38 am

Photography studio equipment consists of many different items, however one of the most crucial items of photography equipment are lighting kits.Lighting and the proper use of a lighting kit will propel your video, movie, or still photography production to new heights. 

Here we have to distinguish between two basic types of photographic lighting, whether for digital or film. Strobe or flash lighting and continous lighting. Fluorescent and halogen lighting kits give continuous lighting so that the scene, whether a movie set or a photo shoot is completely lit. 

Strobe lighting kits or flash lighting kits are suitable for use in a variety of photographic situations and the bulbs have very long lives, about 10,000 flashes.If you have a standard commercial camera, they are not made to be used with a flash lighting kit. 

In this instance, for new photographers that may not wish to purchase specific cameras but require a photo lighting kit, a cool fluorescent lighting kit or halogen lighting kit would be a suitable alternative. 

Lighting is critical to all film and video productions whether it is photo lighting for a pro studio or home or in a dramatic movie or stage scene.Without decent lighting, photo’s are often too dark or hazy to really be able to appreciate the beauty in them. Having a proper lighting source will have your photo’s taking on a natural glow and the quality of the photograph will soar.

The quality of the photography studio equipment that is being used for scenes or photos will have a direct affect on the outcome.Affordable photo lighting kits shouldn’t include going without a warranty on your purchase, quality photography studio equipment always comes with a warranty for the consumer.Photographer’s of all levels have one thing in common, they want true value for their money when it comes to purchasing photography studio equipment.To build their own professional photo studio in their home. 

Photographic studio lighting for glamour, portrait, fashion or product photography business.Achieving professional results in your photos can be done with the use of a good digital camera and an affordable photo lighting kit.

At our online store you can find high quality photo lighting kits on sale at a great discount so you can get more without spending more.Fluorescent light kits in many different price ranges and wattages can be found to suit any budget.Some photographer’s like to use a flash or strobe lighting kit for shoots, but if they need continuous lighting as well. Many look at halogen lighting kits because of there versatility. Halogen lighitng comes in three distinct types, focusable, wattage output controlled, and standard. 

All photo lighting kits on sale in our store come with a standard full one year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.Suppliers often want retailers of photography studio equipment to charge consumers a predetermined cost for products.There is usually a suggested price to sell products at, however we like to have sales often and this sales price will be reflected in your shopping cart.

Digital Photography&Sell Digital Photos21 May 2009 03:38 am

With low digital camera prices, anyone can become a beginner photographer. And for aspiring photographers, there is a desire to have the latest and greatest photo equipment.  And increasingly, these amateurs have taken to selling their digital works on the internet. This is an easy way to earn some extra money from home doing what you love.  You could make several hundred dollars a month with just the right photo.  Here are some tips on how to sell photographs

Selling photographs online means that there is less of an overhead, and potentially more exposure.  But before a picture can be sold, there are several criteria a buyer would look for:  sharp pictures with clear details; high-resolution (multi-megapixel) upwards of 10 megapixel; not grainy and without any artifacts; and if possible, in TIFF format and not JPEG;  and the picture has to be interesting and unique.There are only so many nature photos that people want to buy.

The pictures can be sold online as prints.  The buyer can choose which sizes and which print media he wants, and once printed, this is delivered to his doorstep.  This is usually the case for collectibles, like posters, or fan art, etc.There are several reputable online sites like cafepress, dreamstime and shutterstock that help you with this.  These are some of the best places to sell photographs.

On the other hand, those with established websites sell picture compilations.  These compilations are on CDs, or even on DVDs.  They may not have the same high resolution as prints, however, the pictures in the disk might be of multiple copies of the same pictures but different sizes, for different PC screen resolutions.  The disks are ordered and sent via courier or post to the buyers address.

You need to be aware of additional requirements that help a photo sell.  These should be generic, concept pictures which depict an idea, concept or a story; or travel pictures for tourist destinations or attractions.

Digital Photography Business07 Mar 2009 08:58 am
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josh_curbe asked:

hallo, open ik mijn eigen digitale studio waar v vdo het uitgeven en digitale fotografie en om het even welke omzettingen overnemen. Coz i’ m nieuw aan dit gebied dat ik aantrek mijn costumieren, kan om het even wie me de beste manier geven om cliënten te krijgen heb afgeschuind
hallo, i’ m josh en ik opende mijn digitale studio bij mijn huis town.we overneem vdo het uitgeven onlangs, het mengen zich, digitaal fotografie en omzettingen frm om het even welk in om het even welk. Coz i’ m nieuw aan dit gebied i’ m niet bekwaam om mijn cliënten op dit gebied te krijgen, zodat plzz vertelt me de beste manier om mijn plaats met een waarde van een bezoek te maken.

thnak u

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