Photoshop Photo Editing

Photoshop Photo Editing13 May 2009 06:18 pm
OreillyMedia posted:

your files. Good news: The Bridge lets you preview images without going to the trouble of opening them. Bad news: Those previews result in large cache files that eat up your hard drive. Worse yet, they permit others to track what you’ve been looking at. Even if you’ve long since destroyed the original file, the thumbnail persists! Learn how to protect yourself—and maybe even save your job. … photoshop bridge photos digital photography tutorial deke dekepod oreilly dam “digital asset …

Photoshop Photo Editing08 May 2009 10:12 pm

This tutorial is by Simon Plant a guest author of You can check out his site for more photoshop related training. Prophotoinsights Car Photography With A Small Camera Rig In this digital photography tutorial video we show the use of a small camera rig to capture a car in motion. Step behind the scenes on pro photo shoots and view our digital photography tutorials plus learn adobe photoshop … Photography Setup Rig Rigging Brace …

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